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Torch Down Roofing for Residential Roofs

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Planning to get a torch down roof on your residential building’s low-slope or flat roof? Contact Taff Roofing, Inc. Installation of a torch down roof calls for low slope experts with the highest levels of expertise. Also called rubberized asphalt or modified bitumen, torch down roofing involves using flame-throwing torches to melt modified bitumen sheets for bonding a roof’s overlap areas. This challenging work is best left to experts like us.

We have all that it takes to ensure efficient, cost-effective, risk-free, seamless installation of torch down roofing. Our roofing company has invested in top-of-the-line material and equipment for torch down installation. We are staffed by technicians who

Low-Slope and Flat Roof Options for a Torch Down Roof

We offer torch down materials as an ideal roofing system for installation in residential properties that have flat or almost flat roofs. Low-slope or flat roofs tend to hold rainwater, as drainage of water from them are slow. So, flat roofs can cause property damage or create health hazards for the inhabitants. Torch down roofing installation prevents this by making the flat roof impermeable.

Traditionally, a low-slope or flat roof is given a gravel and tar layering. Torch down roofing adds fiberglass or polyester with bitumen, and this additional layer of torch down material improves the efficiency of the flat roof. A torch down roofing system makes a better option for a flat roof than the standard gravel and tar because torch down roofing:

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Why Choose Us for a Torch Down Roof Installation?

Allow us to enhance your building’s flat roof by installing torch down roofing. With our insistence on quality materials and our commitment to quality work, we assure you of flawless torch down installation that keeps your flat roof free from water or moisture buildup.

In fact, choosing us over other torch down installers brings you several other benefits. To complete your stress-free experience with our torch down roofing services, we:

  • Schedule your torch down roof installation project quickly
  • Are courteous and helpful all through the torch down roof installation job
  • Finish the torch down roofing installation in good time
  • Charge reasonable prices for installation


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